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Job Vacancy : Security System Officer

Abhitech specializes in providing professional Human Resources Management and Consultancy Services to various industries in Indonesia. Over 25 years of stable growth, Abhitech has maintained a high level of credibility and managed over 250 contracts nationwide. Today, Abhitech is a prominent player in the HR management services with a steadfast commitment to successfully meet our clients specific needs and constant record of achievement in delivering excellence.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects in  Saka Indonesia Pangkah Ltd with following details:

Security System Officer
Code: SSO

  1. Lead and coordinate site security for Jakarta, new venture and exploration area such as Pekawai and West Bangkanai.
  2. Conduct investigation and provide investigative reports on any potential crime related incidents in Saka work area.
  3. Research and monitoring on current security issue that might affect the company.
  4. Monitor and record security service contracts in Saka’s working areas and coordinate with SCM Department in the procurement process.
  5. Assist in planning and cost controlling support for security projects include preparing document on WP&B to SKK Migas, reviewing JCS from security vendors, and coordinating with related departments to ensure the compliance of financial process.
  6. Develop and prepare integrated reporting system.
  7. Provide advice for internal security department support (project planning, procedure making, security implementation) and external engagement with security stakeholder (e.g.. Dinas Sekuriti SKK Migas).
  8. Develop and prepare Agreement, Perjanjian Kerjasama (PKS) support related to security function especially with external stakeholders (SKKMigas, TNI, POLRI, KemenESDM).
  9. Conduct internal security risk assessment on some project or as needed. This internal security risk assessment output would be a report in which there are analysis of vulnerability/risk in security aspect and recommendation regarding those finding.
  10. Develop SOP and security compliances for Saka security management system

Ø  Preferably Former TNI/POLRI and or civillian has Security position/job  experience at least 4 years.
Ø  Possess a bachelor degree in Social Political Science or other related subject.
Ø  Strong analytical and writing skill (e.g. report writing, assessment report, investigative writing, etc.)
Ø  Active in organization or having at least 4 (four) years of experience in the same field.
Ø  Required language : Indonesian and English
Ø  Ability to work individually and in a team.
Ø  Familiar with security system management.
Ø  Ability in active engagements with security aparatus ( Polsek, Koramil, KP3, Pamobvitnas,etc)

Ø  Please send your CV update with detail photo and certificate to our email: recruitment@abhitech.co.id with subject: “ABT_(Code)”
Ø  Ensure that your name has been registered in our link: http://bit.ly/abhitechgroup
Ø  Open positions until 14 December 2018
Ø  Please note that only short-listed qualified candidates will be contacted for further process

==Abhitech Recruitment Team==

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